2022 / 2023 Senior Secondary Biology Field Trip

Other Conventional Habitat-Focused Topics

10. Study of sand flat ecosystem

A sand flat ecosystem is a lesser-known habitat. In addition to living on the sand, there are also many strange creatures lurking in the sand. Students systematically record changes in biotic and abiotic factors with the belt transect method to learn about how organisms are distributed and adapted.

Field Site: Ting Kok East, Tai Po

Download field trip worksheet (PDF): SandFlat

Online Learning Platform for Biology Field Study


HKNEAC opens an online learning platform account for teachers and students participating in the course. Before participating in the course, students may log in to the platform to learn more about relevant knowledge, concepts, and skills, and complete the quizzes. The platform will automatically record the learning progress and scores of each student so that teachers can keep track of the learning situation of each student.


Depending on the needs of teachers and students, teachers participating in the courses may choose from the following learning methods:

  • Watch the video clips and collect data (students learn by themselves without the restriction of time and space)
  • ZOOM live-streaming (collecting data during the field trip, performing statistical analysis, or conducting report review as scheduled)
  • Face to Face Courses (Full Day Course outside HKNEAC or 1~3-day field trip off campus)