Course Objectives:

  1. In line with the “Nature and Life” of kindergarten curriculum, HKNEAC provides inquiry-based and comprehensive environmental education courses.

  2. Allowing students to develop their curiosity and creativity in exploring interesting things in their daily lives and natural environment.
  3. Improving students’ scientific exploration and problem-solving skills.
  4. Raising students’ awareness of the living environment and their love for nature.
  5. Increasing students’ knowledge and interest in astronomy, and motivating them to explore the wonderful universe.


Target: Students aged 6 or above

Number of Participants: Maximum 40 students per session

Duration: Approximate 2.5 hours per session (9:30am – 12:00nn or 2:00pm – 4:30pm)

Charge: Free of charge (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen Education Service Fund).

Remarks: Each school may apply for no more than 6 courses.

Application: All schools in Hong Kong will receive a course registration notification letter in late August each year so that they can apply for the courses of the following year.

Explanatory Guided Course: Widening Your Horizon

Allowing students to develop their curiosity and creativity in exploring interesting things in their daily lives and natural environment.


Theme 1: The Exploration of the Sun

~         What does the sun look like? Does he get angry? Does he know how to walk? How do we visit him? Let’s take part in the Sun Quest Classroom to find out the answers!


Theme 2: Explore the Universe through the Telescope

~     By playing the role of a little operator of the Astronomical Centre, the students try to operate the large computerized astronomical telescope to experience how it feels like to be a future space explorer.


Theme 3: The Micro-World

~     The microscope leads the students into the magnified biological world, where we see many tiny creatures turning into giants and displayed in front of the students.


Theme 4: Echo through the Well

~     How does sound travel? Can students play with the sound? Let’s walk into this well together to find out the secret of the sounds!


Theme 5: Plant Handkerchief:

~     How do we make a beautiful handkerchief out of plants? Let’s use the leaves and petals to create beautiful patterns on the handkerchief.


Theme 6: Little Herbs Bag

~     Some plants can emit bursts of fragrance. Let’s use herbs to make a little bag that disseminates a nice and fresh smell.


Theme 7: Nature Painting

~     Students look for various types of natural materials, place them together to form beautiful pictures, and bring their creativity into full play.


Theme 8: Music in Nature

~         Can we find musical instruments in nature? Let’s sing along with the wonderful sounds we find in nature and enjoy the beauty of human and natural sounds.


Theme 9: Magic Ball in the Air

~     How does the wind keep a Styrofoam ball in the air? Let’s learn a magic trick to find out the secrets!


Theme 10: Chasing Light and Shadow

~     How does a light and shadow trick help students gain knowledge? Let’s learn about it together through some fun activities!


Theme 11: Through the Paper World

~     Let’s walk into the world of paper and learn some fun facts about paper through a series of mini-games.


Theme 12: Welcome to the Microscopic World

~     The natural world is colourful and can be observed and appreciated from different angles. Let’s use a microscope to observe the tiny world of nature and discover the unknown side.


Activity Time and Application Method

Duration: 2 Hours

Quota: Maximum 30 students per session. It is recommended to have no more than 40 students and 7 staff members at a time.

Application Method: Please visit our official website for online application.