Astronomy is the most ancient yet advanced science. Nowadays, with cutting-edge technology and the most profound theories, astronomy has become the most important and valuable knowledge of human civilization. Promoting astronomy education has always been an important educational goal of HKNEAC, where tens of thousands of students and the public have experienced the joy of learning astronomy over the years. HKNEAC houses a 0.5m reflecting telescope in the 6m dome, which was the biggest telescope in Southeast Asia. Since its inception more than ten years ago, HKNEAC has been equipped with a large number of astronomical facilities, making it an ideal place for students to engage in astronomical activities and take astronomy courses.

HKNEAC mainly provides a variety of astronomy education courses for the academic community, outreaching astronomy exhibitions in schools, and astronomy training for teachers.

The Centre also accepts applications from NGOs for evening stargazing activities. For further details, please contact us at 2413 7122 or email for inquiries.

Targets: All primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong

Number of Participants: Maximum 40 participants in each session

Senior Secondary Astronomy Course

Astronomical observation is the most basic and important part of learning astronomy. In conjunction with “Astronomy and Space Science”, one of the elective course of Senior Secondary Physics, this course aims to use the favourable environment and astronomical facilities of HKNEAC to enable students to conduct various astronomical observations, practice the use of astronomical instruments, and apply astronomical knowledge and skills to their daily lives. The high school astronomy curriculum features 3 different themes, including solar observation, celestial sphere concepts, and telescope workshops.


Stargazing and Astronomical Activities

Schools or NGOs may apply to HKNEAC for daytime or nighttime stargazing and astronomical activities, including lectures, astronomical observations, visits to the telescope and planetarium. Through easy-to-understand content, the activities allow participants to learn about constellations, the solar system and the universe, and share fun facts about astronomy with the students. Under the guidance of an instructor, the participants brought the starry sky closer to themselves by operating different kinds of astronomical telescopes.


Astronomy course for field study

HKNEAC provides field study courses for Senior Secondary Biology or Geography students every year. In addition, HKNEAC will provide an evening Astronomy course for students participating in field study courses. Since students have limited opportunities to get in touch with astronomy on campus, HKNEAC will add astronomical activities to students’ field study courses to give students a taste of stargazing.