Astronomy Courses:

13. Our Solar System

Through the activities of sun observation by using solar filter and simulating the equipments of star lab, students will learn about the solar system and space. The course will also increase their awareness of light pollution and environmental conservation.


.Knowing our solar system

.Sun observation

.Simulating star lab to explore the universe

.DIY Sundial and other astronomy models

Targets: Students aged 10 or above

14. Telescope – Reaching for Stars

Through practical activities, students would learn the theories and applications of telescopes and experience the operation of professional astronomical telescope. While focusing on the importance of telescopes in the astronomy development history, this course would also nurture students’ attitude to exploring the truth via scientific methods.


.Knowing more about telescopes

.Practicing telescopic observation

.Visiting the Professional Computer Telescope (with 0.5 aperture)

.DIY telescope and other astronomy models

Targets: Students aged 10 or above


  1. The Advanced Environmental courses are target to provide life-wide learning experiences for students to know more about our natural resources and the importance of environmental conservation in Hong Kong. During the course.
  2. During the course, students' common knowledge on nature and astronomy will be strengthened.
  3. By using the inquiry learning approach, the course will also emphasize students' creativity, analytical skills, problem solving, and communication skills.

Number of Participants: Maximum 40 students per session

Duration: Approximate 2.5 hours per session (9:30am -12:00nn or 2:00pm -4:30pm)

Charge: Free of charge (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen Education Service Fund).

Remarks: Application for each school cannot be more than 6 courses.

Application: All schools in Hong Kong will receive a course registration notification letter in late August each year so that they can apply for the courses of the following year.