G/F Multipurpose Room (聚賢廳 & 探理廳)

This is a new multimedia classroom equipped with advanced equipments, maps and aerial photos of field sites to allow our students can have a better understanding of the geographical environment of Hong Kong.

Lecture Hall (說地廳)

The multimedia classroom is equipped with a wide variety of models and teaching materials related to astronomy, making it easier for students to enjoy the fun of learning astronomy.

Laboratory(研生館) & Multipurpose Room (談天閣)

The laboratory is equipped with advanced electronic analytical instruments to allow students to analyze the collected samples instantly and accurately. A series of materials related to biology in Hong Kong is also made available so that students can better understand the natural ecology of Hong Kong.


The library has a large collection of reference books and periodicals on biology, geography, astronomy and environmental education so that students can have group discussions and preparation for their presentation in the library.

Planetarium (星象閣)

The Planetarium is equipped with a fulldome system in order to let student learn astronomical knowledge in indoor area without the restrictions of time and weather condition.

Observatory Dome (觀星樓)

The tower is composed of a dome 6 meters in diameter and an in-built 0.5 meter reflecting telescope. With the sensitivity 5,000 times stronger than that of the human eyes, the reflecting telescope can observe stars as dim as magnitude of 15.5 and galaxies that are millions of light-years away from the Milky Way.

Astronomical images captured by the CCD camera are stored on the computer and post on the centre’s website for scientific research or relevant parties. It can also be projected on a big screen directly for teaching purposes.

Microscopic Imaging Technology Learning Centre (啟蒙館)

The original computer room is reorganised with electron microscopes and multiple advanced microscopes that can be connected to tablets, so that students can observe different types of biological samples and conduct further analysis on the data and statistics obtained.

Exhibition Hall(格物廳)

A variety of endangered animals, fossils, and mineral specimens are systematically displayed in the hall. Some of the specimens on display were provided by our School Supervisor, School Managers or external parties and groups, while others were collected by students during their field studies. More than a dozen of fossil specimens from China are rare treasures.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (曦能臺)

By installing 30 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of 85 square meters, the solar power generation system has a power generation capacity of 8 kilowatts and is connected to the CLP power grid by participating in the CLP “Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff” scheme.

Rooftop Observation Area (望斗臺 & 窺日臺)

The rooftop of the building can accommodate more than 200 people to observe the sky comfortably at the same time.

Multimedia Teaching Room (兒樂坊)

The multimedia teaching room is equipped with a variety of teaching materials to carry out a variety of inquiry-based teaching activities.

Tsuen Wan Automatic Weather Station (荃灣自動氣象站)

We cooperate with Hong Kong Observatory to run an automatic weather station at our centre to provide meteorological data of Tsuen Wan District, including rainfall, temperature and humidity for the public.

Nature Trail (自然教育徑)

The trail was built at our garden where you can discover some local species such as bamboo and banyan. In order to increase the varieties of plants and to be more educational, we use organic methods to grow different plants and attract different types of animals to visit our garden and even settle here as their home.

Organic Garden (有機種植園)

The organic garden uses organic farming methods to grow crops and a variety of medicinal plants. There are also many flowerpots on the shelves at the organic garden for planting different types of plants, such as succulents, ornamental plants, edible plants, etc. Students are able to learn and apply the knowledge of plants to their lives.

Eco Pond (生態池)

This is a balanced eco-system with the aim to show the diversity and interesting life of freshwater ecosystem. Most of the creatures in the pool are common in Hong Kong rivers. Students can take water samples from the pond and observe it under microscopes.