﹣Strengthen the collaboration and experiences exchange with teachers;
﹣Let teachers have more understanding to our Centre;
﹣Promote and develop the Environmental and Astronomy education.

﹣All Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary school teachers

Registration procedures

  • Enter HoKoon Resources Database through the Centre website.
  • Fill up and submit the online application form.
    HoKoon Centre will issue an email to the applicants for the results of application.
  • If you are succesfully applied, the email will attach an "login password".
  • Applicants should use the login password to log in HoKoon Resources Database.
  • The registration is free of charge.


  1. The member of HoKoon Resouces Database can obtain the latest news and information through the database.
  2. High quality posters, photos, teaching materials can be freely downloaded for Educational purposes.
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