The Advanced Environmental courses are target to provide life-wide learning experiences for students to know more about our natural resources and the importance of environmental conservation in Hong Kong. All courses are designed based on current curriculum. During the course, students' common knowledge on nature and astronomy will be strengthened. By using the inquiry learning approach, the course will also emphasize students' creativity, analytical skills, problem solving and communication skills.

Target: Students aged 6-or-above
No. of Participants: Not more than 40 students per course
Duration: Approximate 2.5 hours per course (9:30am -12:00nn or 2:00pm -4:30pm)

Charge: Free of charge. Participating schools should arrange transportation to our Centre.
Remarks: Application for each school cannot be more than 6 courses.


Through inquiry learning approach, students will experience the processes of inquiry, investigation, discussion, summarization and creation, to learn the species of nature.
During the course, students will separate in groups with a mission. Every group will have a treasure box, which contains a common species of plant. Students need to inquiry themselves to find out the information of the plant. Finally, they will collect the plant samples and create an Eco-product with the samples by themselves for the presentation.

.Explore a plant sample in groups
.Investigate and collect samples in the nature environment
.Research and record
.Use reused materials to create a handicraft

Eco hunter 1 (Junior )
Suggested for students aged 6-or-above

Eco hunter 2 (Senior)
Suggested for students aged 10-or-above



Ho Koon Centre is one of the automatic weather station of Hong Kong Observatory. Through visiting our Weather station facilities and participating the forecast activities, students will learn the knowledge of local weather and the conscious of environmental conservation.

.Knowing our Hong Kong Observatory
.Understand the weather
.Weather observation
.Make an anemoscope

Suggested for students aged 9-or-above


In the course, student will do experiment on different water sample and observe the results of them. From these learning experiences, students will then be learned the skills of sewage identification, the effects of water pollution and the importance of water resources.

. Knowing facts about Hong Kong Water Resources
. Finding the Sewage
. DIY Water Filter
. Filtration Experiment

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


From daily supplies and tools, students observe, explore and discover different characteristics of air. With all these discoveries, they design their own little rockets to attend a competition with the classmates.

.Secrets of air
.Tricky air tasks
."Rocket science"

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


In this challenge, students compete with other groups by equipping vibrating motors with daily materials, e.g. cardboard, utensils, etc., and making them into robot monsters for different tasks. During the process, students test their prototypes, tackle the problems encountered and share the enjoyment with their teammates.

.Designing your own Robot Monsters
."Lightning fast"
."Invincible strength"
."Breathtaking beauty"

Suggested for students aged 6-or-above



Through the activities of DIY renewable energy generators and electric robot race experience, students will be explored the application and efficiency of renewable energy. The course will also let student have reflection on the use of energy methods and attitudes.

.DIY renewable energy generators
.Electric car race by using renewable energy
.Sharing and exploring the use of renewable energy

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above



By employing games and rock observation, students will learn different rock types, and Hong Kong International Geopark information in the course. Students' awareness on environmental and rock conservation will also be enhanced.

.Knowing rocks
.Rock research
.Sharing on Landforms and rocks

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


In the course, students will visit endangered animal exhibition room and conduct activities on endangered animal investigation. Through the course, students will learn different species of endangered animals and enhance their awareness of wildlife conservation.

.Introduction to endangered species
.Visiting Ho Koon species exhibition hall
.Searching for "Endangered species" in Ho Koon Centre

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above



Through the activities of plant observation, measurement, sample collection and microscope observation, students will be quipped how to investigate the plants and enhance their awareness of conservation.

.Discovering plants
.Researching on plant facts
.Using microscope to explore plants features
.Constructing plants specimen and information booklet

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


During the course, students will learn insect characteristics, habits and species through the activities of insect observation. The course will also target to enhance students' awareness on conservation.

.Enjoying an insect quiz competition
.Knowing more about insect classification
.Discovering and searching insect outdoor
.Sharing session of the findings of insect

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


The Moon, being a familiar satellite of our planet Earth, is still holding lots of mysteries. How much secrets have not been told? Through a series of interesting activities, let us unveil the secrets of our mysterious Moon.

.Knowing the "New" Moon
.Landing mission
.Visiting Digital Planetarium (Moon observation simulation)

Suggested for students aged 6-or-above


Through the activities of sun observation by using telescope, visiting astronomy center and Star Lab, students will be learnt the knowledge of solar system and space. The course will also increase their awareness on light pollution and environmental conservation.

.Knowing our solar system
.Sun observation
.Visit Digital Planetarium
.DIY Sundial and other astronomy models

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above


Through practical activities, students would learn the theories and applications of telescopes, experience the operation of professional astronomical telescope. While focusing on the importance of telescopes in the astronomy development history, this course would also nurture students' attitude to exploring the truth via scientific methods.

.Knowing more about telescopes
.Practicing telescopic observation
.Visiting the Professional Computer Telescope (with 0.5 aperture)
.DIY telescope and other astronomy models

Suggested for students aged 10-or-above

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